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App Development Process | Right Mobile Application Development Approach and Methodology


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To make a mobile app, you need to use a certain type of project management.  Taking charge of the process is needed to coordinate the many basic processes and resources that are needed for success. You can decide what kind of framework to use for your project by looking at the list of modern and traditional choices we have provided in this post. Here are five of the best ways to App Development Process.

List of App Development Process and Methodology

  1. Agile Methodology
  2. Lean Startup Methodology
  3. Prototype Methodology
  4. Spiral Methodology
  5. Waterfall Methodology

Details are here for App Development Process and Methodology

Overview of the Game App Development Process

1. Agile Methodology

The Agile model is a way to run a project that was designed for making complicated software. The system allows for iterations, which helps a lot to cut down on errors and mistakes that often happen. The model divides the project into a number of small time boxes, or development cycles, and gives one to each person of the project team. Thanks to the collaborative method, there is a way to deal with rapid change.  During the mobile app creation lifecycle, it is flexible enough to handle changes in the project’s needs.

Under the Agile label, there are other methods like:

  • FDD stands for Feature-Driven Development: As the name suggests, this is a simple, step-by-step plan that focuses on features. There are a number of checks and changes. For this system to work, you need to know a lot about planning and design.
  • Lean software development: It blends the ideas and practices of lean manufacturing with the agile method.  Focus on getting the most out of your time and spending as little as possible.
  • Scrum: Focuses on the management of software development in complex knowledge work, research, and high-tech areas. It emphasizes teamwork, iteration, and responsibility.
  • Crystal Techniques:  This flexible method is one of the most easy-to-use ones. This method sorts jobs into groups based on how important they are to the system, how big the team is, and how important they are. It focuses on the skills, interactions, and dialogue of each team member.
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Rapid Application Construction (RAB) are ways to make apps quickly: focuses on getting things done on time in a busy setting by using prototypes and iterative development.
  • Adaptive Software Development (ASD): It is a new version of the RAD, and it can continue to change as project needs or market expectations change.
  • Dynamic Systems Development Method or DSDM: It is an agile method that builds on RAD, but has strong control and moves forward in steps. It can be used for four important times.

2. Lean Startup Methodology

The main goal of the approach is to give business owners a logical answer. The framework has been used to make mobile apps because it offers a systematic way to develop new products. With this approach, you need a minimum viable product (MVP) before you can start making a mobile app. Using the lean startup method, you can make, test, and learn from the mobile app you make. It focuses on making mobile apps fast and selling them for less money.

3. Prototype Methodology

Also called evolutionary design or progressive growth. The method, which is an improved version of the waterfall process, lets prototypes be used to make changes to the design while it is still being worked on. This answer talks about the claim that you need a prototype to fully understand the project’s needs before you can move on with its design. In this framework, the client must evaluate the prototype before going on to the development step.  The prototyping method was able to reduce the chance of failure by using prototyping and getting feedback from clients.

4. Spiral Methodology

The spiral process is a risk-driven method for making mobile apps. Throughout its process, the framework uses different methods that rely on how the project’s risks are spread out. It uses both the repetition method and the waterfall method. You must set standards for each part of the framework.  How many stages there are in the spiral model depends a lot on how risky the project is.  So, it is good for big, complicated projects with a lot of risks.

5. Waterfall Methodology

Before user experience became more important in mobile app creation, everyone liked the waterfall model. The model does sentences in order, so you have to finish each step before moving on to the next one. The worst thing about this method was that there was no way to go back. The entire procedure, from start to completion, has been completed. You can only make changes after the product has been released. This is called the maintenance part.


Here in this article we describe App Development Process. We explained App Development Process in detail. Please use this space to ask us anything you need clarification on.


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