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Licensed Cloud Consulting Partners in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia for Alibaba


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The hub for Alibaba’s Cloud Channel, Technology Partner, MSP Partner, and other partner program is the Alibaba Cloud Partner Network (ACPN). The goal of ACPN is to provide our partners with an amazing journey and to create a win-win situation by offering them helpful and current support.

List of Licensed Cloud Consulting Partners in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia for Alibaba

  1. Altius Customer Services Pvt Ltd
  2. Dyneton Group
  3. Hyperlink Info System
  4. iTech Ecommerce LLP
  5. MentorMate
  6. Plada
  7. Redington
  8. Softkraft
  9. Xebia
  10. Zco Corporation

Details for Alibaba Consulting Partners in the US, UK and Australia

1. Altius Customer Services Pvt Ltd

Alibaba offers IT outsourcing services and cloud computing in the USA. With more than 700 employees working in five delivery centers spread across three countries, the company processes more than 50 million transactions each month from four different continents. Currently, the team provides support for domains in a number of different sectors, including healthcare, wellness, FMCG, food and beverage, ecommerce, BFSI, real estate, and tech support.

Strong management efforts and a partnership-driven strategy are essential to Altius ability to develop trusting relationships with its clients and deliver effective services year after year. Thanks to a team of experts with more than 16 years of combined experience, Altius has scaled campaigns up to 2-to -10 times the client’s initial performance with success. As a result, the company has a loyal clientele who are happy to attest to the quality of their work.

2. Dyneton Group

The Dyneton Group started operating in 2008. Since then, we’ve grown to become a collection of three businesses and operations. With Indian SMEs on multiple levels, we have more than ten years of experience in international business and consulting, digital media and marketing, software and solutions, back-office and business application development, cloud services (storage and IaaS/SaaS/PaaS), product and service optimization, retail business, B2B, and B2C.

From concept to day-to-day operations, Dyneton’s core team of highly experienced professionals specializes in offering small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses (SMEs) custom, tailored services and solutions across a variety of verticals, including Web 2.0, business and web apps, SEO/SMO/SEM/SMM marketing, CRM/ERP/CMS integration, tailored on-demand cloud services, and an integrated scalability model.

As part of Dyneton’s commitment to the growth of the SME market in India, we provide extensive training and other services to SMEs to help them comprehend and successfully address e-commerce.

3. Hyperlink Info System

A well-known technology company in the US and India, Hyperlink Info System focuses in cloud consulting for companies like Alibaba, AWS, and Google. Expert in Sales force development, IoT development, Big Data analytics, AR/VR development, CRM systems, and more. Also skilled in online and app development. Since 2011, Hyperlink has provided over 2300 clients worldwide with 3500+ apps and 2000+ website solutions for bespoke requirements.

4. ITech Ecommerce LLP

Since the company’s foundation, iTech Ecommerce LLP has been one of Alibaba.com most important channel partners, managing its operations in India. The success of Indian SMEs is the focus and energy of iTech Ecommerce, which has its headquarters in Noida and regional offices and presence in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Indore, Kolkata, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Pune, and many more metropolises and non-metropolises across India. Our extensive and varied prior experience working with its former Alibaba.com management and leaders gives us a distinct advantage.

ITech Ecommerce uses the technology at our disposal to offer solutions for small, medium, and enterprise-level enterprises with custom features. Utilizing the boundless potential of the internet and drawing customers from all over the world while nurturing them through experience and seasoned personnel, iTech Ecommerce, which is integrated with Alibaba, makes it possible for Indian SMEs to conduct high conversion online business.

5. MentorMate

In 2001, MentorMate saw Bulgaria’s potential and assisted in its growth into the nation’s current IT hub. They developed enduring connections with clients from throughout the world, expanding with them as their technical needs changed. They have daily standups to keep everyone in the loop, even if they work in different buildings or reside in different cities or nations. The business is well-known for its global support and services for Alibaba.

6. Plada

In 2005, Plada started out as a placement and data input business before partnering with Amex to enter the merchant acquisition market. Since then, they have expanded their terminal management capabilities and established its merchant engagement and relationship business area.

Key banks and providers of payment solutions have successfully used Plada’s services for merchant acquisition, relationship management, and terminal management.

7. Redington

Redington began doing business in India in 1993 and is currently the leading supplier of supply chain solutions in developing nations. 2020 will see the addition of Alibaba cloud services by Redington Company. The business is an established Alibaba cloud partner in both India and the USA. India, the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the Commonwealth of Independent States are all regions in which Redington has operations.

Redington provides end-to-end supply chain solutions for all types of information technology (PCs, PC building blocks, networking, software, and enterprise solution products), consumer and lifestyle goods, and over 100 multinational brands (Telecom, Digital Lifestyle products, Entertainment products, and Digital Printing Machines).

8. Softkraft

Located in Bielsko-Biaa, Poland, SoftKraft is a cloud and network consulting business. They were established in 2015, employ 11 employees. Through software-based innovations, they assist startups and SMEs in redefining their goods, procedures, and business plans. They are experts in designing and building cloud-based data processing technologies.

SoftKraft developed a web application for a real estate company that helps with the analysis of huge datasets. They were in charge of the entire procedure and used Apache Spark/Kafka to build the application from the ground up. The in-house team has depended on the application throughout the underwriting process since it functions as the customer has anticipated.

9. Xebia

Our ecosystem comprises hundreds of millions of daily active users, and Alibaba Cloud provides world-class technology solutions that are reliable and scalable. By working with Xebia, Alibaba Cloud can reach more companies and start-ups in the Benelux region with our best products and capabilities. Customers from all industries can grow locally in Europe and Asia by utilizing Alibaba Group’s extensive business expertise, which includes e-commerce, FinTech, logistics, media, and entertainment, according to Kevin Liu, general manager of Alibaba Cloud France, Benelux, and South Europe.

10. Zco Corporation

With a three-decade track record of accomplishment, Zco Corporation is a respected Alibaba cloud and network partner in the USA. They provide custom software development services. We have created reliable software solutions for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and entrepreneurs. They give customers access to one of the biggest teams of engineers, artists, designers, and project managers in the business.


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