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Ad Fraud | Ad Fraud And the Means to Detect it


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What is “ad fraud”?

Ad fraud is any attempt to trick online advertising networks so that money can be made. Ad fraud is often done with the help of bots, but this is not always the case. Scam artists can also get advertisers and ad networks to pay them in other ways. Click fraud is mostly used to describe ad fraud that is done with bots.

What kind’s online advertising fraud?

Ad fraud is something that cybercriminals can do in many different ways. Such examples are as follows::

Here is the list of Ad Fraud And the Means to Detect it

  • Hidden ads
  • Click hijacking
  • Fake app installation
  • Fake botnet ads

Hidden ads:

When a user doesn’t really see an ad because of the way it is shown. This kind of fraud goes after ad networks that pay for views instead of clicks, which are called impressions.

Click hijacking:

Click fraud is when an attacker “steals” a click by taking it away from one ad and putting it on another. For this scam to work, the attacker must get into the user’s computer, the website of the ad provider, or a proxy server.

Fake app installation:

Advertisements are often shown on apps, especially mobile apps. For this type of fraud, groups of users (usually in adclick farms*) install apps and interact with them over and over again.

Fake botnet ads:

By using botnets, fraudsters can create thousands of fake clicks on an ad or fake visits to a website that hosts the ads. Information about how this works is given below.

An adclick farm is a group of underpaid workers who click on lots of targeted links, usually at the request of con artists or other online criminals.

Top 10 Best Fraud Detection Software Companies Worldwide

Why does ad fraud happen?

If you want to know how to stop programmatic advertising scams, you need to understand why scammers do what they do. The reason is built right into it. There are two main types of fraud in programmatic advertising. In terms of technical solutions, there isn’t much difference between the two. The difference is in the size and goals of the project.

The first is when someone wants to make money off of your business. It’s like a parasite that feeds on resources (like money) and wants to be in a long-term relationship without making a lot of noise. In the world of ones and zeros, it’s the same as stealing from someone. The second type of ad fraud can be done by competitors who want to hurt marketing efforts and the business as a whole. In this case, it could be very bad for the business or even kill it.

What causes bot-driven ad fraud?

Fraudsters can use click bots to make fake clicks on digital ads that show up on their sites and make money for themselves in the process. By clicking on certain URLs, click bots are meant to act like real people. These bots are often spread across a network of devices called a botnet. Since each bot is coming from a different device, it will have a different IP address. This makes them look more real. A botnet is a collection of devices that can connect to the Internet and have been commandeered by an attacker. On each device, a bot will be put and maybe other malware as well.

What is the connection between click fraud and ad fraud?

Most of the time, click fraud is a form of ad fraud. The term “click fraud” is more general and can be used to describe a wide range of fraudulent clicks. Most of the time, click farms or click bots are to blame, but it could also be social media bots. Understand click fraud better.

How is ad fraud detected and avoided through bot management?

By comparing user behaviour to a norm, Cloudflare Bot Management can determine which “users” are actually more likely to be bots. Bad bot activity can be blocked, while legitimate users and helpful bots are still permitted to interact with a web domain normally.Super Bot Fight Mode, which is now offered on Cloudflare Pro and Business services, can help smaller websites gain greater visibility into and control over ad fraud.


We are tried to share data about how Ad Fraud and the Means to Detect it. We hope this information will help you. Lastly, please leave a comment below to tell me what you think.


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