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7 Best Ways to Track Someone’s Car Location


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GPS Trackers are small, movable devices that allow a car owner to keep track of and find their car. They could also tell you your position, speed, and direction in real time. This guide tells you everything you need to know about how to track Someone’s car location.

1. How do GPS track Someone’s car work?

Most GPS trackers for cars use the same technology that your smartphone does to connect to the internet and make phone calls. All GPS trackers get the same information from a network of satellites in the sky. They then figure out where the car is and send that information over a cellular network to an app on a smartphone or an online browser.

2. What Information Can a GPS track Someone’s car Provide?

  • A GPS for Car Tracking assists you in locating your vehicle by responding to:
  • Where is my car at this moment? (Real-time tracking through GPS)
  • How far did my car go? (GPS History Logging)
  • How many miles has my automobile driven this week or this month? logging distance in GPS
  • Was my car driven too quickly? Fast GPS logging

3. Finding Your Car with a GPS Tracker

  • Access the app through a web browser on your PC.
  • To view the location of your car or its most recent location, click the map or “Locate” button.
  • Acquire and install a GPS vehicle tracking device in your automobile.

4. Find where you parked your car

You may use a GPS tracker or even an old phone as a GPS tracker to find your parked car.

5. See where your car has been with GPS in the past?

How we to Use CMMS Software to Track and Manage Maintenance Costs

GPS logs are an excellent feature of a monitoring device. It records a car’s driving history, including location, time, speed, and other information, and stores it in its own memory. GPS Loggers are different from real-time GPS Trackers in that they do not use cellular connections to send or receive data. Think of it as a GPS tracker with a “stealth” mode. The info is stored on the device instead of being sent in real time. You can look at the data you’ve logged on a computer or through an app on your phone.

To get the data from most GPS logs, you have to take out the gear and connect it to your computer. Few devices will instantly send data to your home Wi-Fi when they are close enough. You don’t have to take it out of your car and put it back in, like when you pull into your garage. Trakkit GPS takes care of it. Also, there is no regular service fee for data transfer because it is not sent lives over the cellular network.

6. GPS logs will keep track of where your car has been

Keeping track of your vehicle’s whereabouts is easy with the help of a GPS logger. Some of them will upload the GPS logs as soon as they get back in range of their home Wi-Fi, so they don’t need a cell link to track the car.

7. Stealth GPS bugs vs. Real-time GPS tracking devices

Car you can put a GPS tracker on a moving item, like a car or luggage, to find out where it is in real time. After you connect to a GPS tracker tool like Google Maps, you will be able to see where the car is at all times. On the other hand, GPS data loggers don’t track in real time; they just record where a device or car has been in the past. Like a real-time tracker, the date, time, location, direction, and speed are always recorded. Since a GPS tracking device doesn’t need cellular service to track where the car is, you should look for one that has a full record mode and real-time tracking.

GPS logging makes it easier to track a car

Here are some of the most important reasons why GPS Loggers are better than Real-Time Trackers:

1. More dependable (no gaps in tracking)

GPS Loggers will store data as long as they can get it from the GPS satellites. They don’t need to be connected to a cell network to work. This will be made sure by putting it in the car the right way.

2. Works everywhere (on land or at sea)

GPS works everywhere because it is a global technology. It can work on top of mountains, on street corners, and thousands of miles out at sea.

3. Silent (Undetectable)

GPS Loggers can’t be found by RF Sniffers or other devices that look for GPS trackers because they don’t send out radio signals while tracking.


We endeavored to inform you of the 7 Best Ways to Track Someone’s Car Location. Utilize this information. Please leave a comment below.


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