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50+ AI Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai in 2023


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Online businesses must improve mobile apps now. AI Mobile apps changed business. These apps help users easily get business information and stay connected to their favorite companies and discounts. This keeps you focused best. It also helps organizations build authentic client relationships. The top mobile app development company can give businesses real-time access to items, information, procedures, and services. It lets the company tell customers of new or updated products and services. Apps work offline. Hiring top mobile app developers makes firms more accessible. After reviewing many Dubai-based businesses, AI Mobile App Development Companies.co has developed a list of the top 50+ AI Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai in 2023. Web development expertise, staff numbers, job experience, client feedback, and other subjects are researched before concluding the list.

The List of Top 50+ AI Mobile App Development Firms in Dubai in 2023

  • Atos
  • Blink 22
  • DataArt
  • Diebold Nixdorf
  • EPAM Systems
  • HData Systems
  • Hyperlink InfoSystem
  • Intertec Systems
  • Shakuro
  • SoftServe

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in NYC

Details are here for Top 50+ AI Mobile App Development organizations in Dubai in 2023

1. Atos

With 112,000 workers, Atos is a market leader in digital transformation. The Group offers specialized end-to-end solutions in 71 nations for all industries. Atos, a leader in decarbonization services and technologies, is dedicated to providing its customers with a secure and decarbonized digital environment. Atos’ mission is to contribute to the planning of the information age. Its services and expertise serve the advancement of knowledge, research, and education using a multicultural perspective and help foster the growth of superiority in science and technology.

2. Blink 22

Since 2015, Blink22, a web and mobile development company, has been transforming brilliant ideas into ground-breaking software for astute businesses all over the world. They work closely with your team to make world-class apps from the idea stage to the launch date. They do this with a staff of more than 50 highly skilled tech and admin professionals, so you can focus on growing your business. 

3. DataArt

DataArt is a worldwide software engineering company that solves problems in a very personal way. They assist clients in developing custom software that enhances their operations and expands their market share thanks to their more than 20 years of experience, teams of highly qualified engineers located all over the world, in-depth understanding of industry sectors, and ongoing technology research.

4. Diebold Nixdorf

Diebold Nixdorf is the market leader in linked commerce. It has a wide range of cutting-edge products, software from many different companies, and excellent customer service for both retail and financial clients. In more than 130 nations throughout the world, Diebold Nixdorf employs about 22,000 people. The New York Stock Exchange offers them for public trading.

5. EPAM Systems

EPAM Systems, Inc., a pioneer in the development of digital and physical products as well as digital platform engineering services, has been leading the market since 1993 by leveraging its expertise in sophisticated software engineering. EPAM’s global hybrid teams help clients and communities realize the future with their innovative strategies, combined advisory, consultancy, and design talents, and distinctive “engineering DNA.”

6. HData Systems

HData Systems is one of the best companies that help clients all over the world with big data analytics and business intelligence. Their primary offering is built on data science and web development technology, which enables businesses to quickly grow their operations and accomplish their objectives by utilizing market research and competitor data. They always give clients information and services to boost ROI.

7. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Since 2011, the top online and mobile app development firm, Hyperlink InfoSystem, has offered a range of web and app development services. Its 950+ employees offer end-to-end development help for the creation of apps, websites, video games, the NFT marketplace, the Metaverse, and other projects. For their more than 2700 clients around the world, they have created more than 4500 mobile applications, 2300 websites, and numerous other digital solutions. There are offices for Hyperlink InfoSystem in the USA, UK, UAE, Canada, India, and Australia.

8. Intertec Systems

Intertec Systems, a regional leader in IT services with expertise in digital, business applications, managed services, cloud computing, security, and infrastructure, was founded in 1991. With the potential to carry out $10M+ engagements, they provide government, BFSI, healthcare, and enterprise services throughout the Middle East and India. They have local offices in five different countries, and their ecosystem, which consists of more than 50 technological alliances, delivery capabilities, network operations centers, and software delivery centers, supports them.

9. Shakuro

Shakuro develops brand identities that appeal to consumers. Their team has particular expertise in providing intricate online platforms, creating mobile apps, and creating custom designs, illustrations, and branding. Regardless of the business, they concentrate on their clients’ goals, specifically making their customers happy, when building a brand. To do this, they research the user needs and your business objectives in advance to make the development process as affordable as possible.

10. SoftServe

Digital experts SoftServe offers guidance and cutting-edge technologies. They expose, alter, speed up, and improve how businesses and software firms conduct their operations. They implement end-to-end solutions that deliver the innovation, quality, and speed that the users of our customers’ products expect. They have expertise in a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, energy, and financial services.


We are tried to collect 50+ AI Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai in 2023. We hope this information will help you. In conclusion, kindly share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.


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