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Dice Tower 3D Print


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The more sophisticated dice towers are a fantastic way to improve your 3D printing skills. These can be difficult for both novice and expert players alike since they often have a sheer vertical tower and a horizontal tray. The finest free dice tower models are available here for you to download, print, and paint for your favourite game. We’ve divided the list into five sections for easier navigation: castles, fandoms, portable, mechanical, and atmospheric.

Try Craft cloud by All3DP if you want to modernize your tabletop setup but lack the time or equipment to do so. You can quickly start rolling Nat 20s because to the wide variety of providers who can print on the material of your choice.

The most apparent category to start with is castles. Dungeons and Dragons has been one of the most well-liked dice games for 50 years. And you are aware of what is typically found above dungeons? It’s true: castles. This category is for dice towers that appear to be something a dragon, or vice versa, would keep a princess in.

3d printed dice tower

List of Dice Tower 3D Print

  • Dice Tower on the DM Screen
  • Double-Ledge
  • Spiral Staircase
  • Three-Path
  • Fine-Detail
  • Collapsible
  • Magnetic
  • Magnetic Hybrid
  • Spiral

Detail of 3D printed dice tower

1. Dice Tower on the DM Screen

Sometimes you need more table space for things like books, notes, screens, and dice towers. This model can’t give you that, but by merging the dice tower and other accessories into the GM screen, it can pretty well achieve the same result. Your players will understand that you aren’t messing about when you use this in an old-school Dungeons and Dragons game.

Even though the designer has included a tutorial, two recent Remixes by Toonces and Mattburnsey have made it even simpler to print this on 220 x 220-mm FDM printers like the Ender 3. Before you begin printing the larger components, it is worthwhile to take a look at the Remixes.

  • Who created it?


  • How widely is it printed?

This was printed by eight individuals, and two people posted remixes that fit the Ender 3 more easily.

  • Where is it located?


2. Double-Ledge

This dice tower works well for Pathfinder games. It can be used as a castle or a church in the play area. The central window may be illuminated from behind, and small figurines of characters or monsters can be placed on the ledges.

The designer advises printing at 30% infill while using supports and a raft. The comments, however, mention that printing this with supports is challenging, and one user even suggests printing without them.

  • Who created it?


  • How widely is it printed?

Nearly 2,500 people have liked the design, and 29 people have uploaded their Makes.

  • Where is it located?


3. Spiral Staircase

This tower has a powerful presence at the table, making it ideal for games of politics and intrigue like Vampire the Masquerade. Your players can watch their fate flow out into the courtyard as it rolls down the stairway thanks to the clear panel.

The clear panel was made from a 1.5-liter soda bottle; however it is possible to modify a SmartWater bottle to replace it. They advise adding supports to the print, especially for the stairs. For more attractive courtyard stones, one user suggested printing the top layers for the tray with a concentric curve.

  • Who created it?


  • How popular/printable is it?

It has been altered 19 times, including adding a series of vertical bars to replace the soda bottle panel, and 161 people have contributed their Makes.

  • Where is it located?


4. Three-Path

Dice tower 3d print

Incorporate a random component into your Champions of Midgard game! When your dice are dropped from the top of this tower, they can travel down one of three routes, but all routes end at the dice tray in the courtyard. This model is among the older ones on the list, but that only means Remixes have had more time to develop!

This tower is user-friendly for beginners because it doesn’t require any supports. This castle is a must-print because of the modular expansions like additional storeys, arches over the staircases, and even an Open Lock compatible base!

  • Who created it?


  • How widely is it printed?

One of the most well-liked models on our list, with 123 users posting their prints and 9 remixes!

  • Where is it located?


5. Fine-Detail

What would happen if you had a resin printer instead of an FDM and wanted to produce these fantastic towers? Elegoo Mars-sized resin printers fit in this tower.

This little beauty is sure to impress at the table with every stone and balustrade picked out in a level of detail only possible with resin printing. Use it for your 1066: The Year of Three Battles games because the small size of this tower will work well with the game’s few dice.

Two different tower tops have also been added by the creator, as well as an option to print the courtyard independently. Supports are not necessary, however one thing to remember is to scale it down significantly (the author suggests 96%) for the reduced build area on Any Cubic Photon-sized printers.

  • Who created it?


  • How widely is it printed?

This model has been downloaded by around 600 individuals, and 2 of them have shared their prints, including the transparent rainbow variations seen above!

  • Where is it located?


6. Collapsible

The segmented tower pieces firmly lock into place when in use. The accompanying dice tray acts as a lid while the tower collapses to the size of a tuna can during transit. Either way, it’s exactly what’s required. Perfect for a Dungeon Dice game!

One thing to keep in mind is to print the model’s freshly added thicker version of the walls.

  • Who created it?


  • How widely is it printed?

This print has had 73 postings from users, and there are 3 Remixes, making it quite popular.

  • Where is it located?


7. Magnetic

This dice tower is secure enough to hold your dice during transport and sturdy enough to be utilized at the table without any difficult hinges or locks with the addition of the suggested magnets. Put it together for a Cupcake Empire game.

Since there is no additional room for the magnets, you might need to cut holes for them.

  • Who created it?


  • How widely is it printed?

This practical model has received 63 likes, and 2 users have posted their makes.

  • Where is it located?


8. Magnetic Hybrid

On this list, this travel kit for the dice tower is the most complete. The tray features a drawer that can hold up to seven sets of dice and the tower splits apart to fit neatly inside (just enough to play Castle Dice). Additionally, the dice tower’s design, which is engraved into several faces, is incredibly interesting.

According to the author, a medium-sized FDM printer is required, and the bed size must be at least 200 x 200 mm.

  • Who created it?


  • How widely is it printed?

Over 2,000 people have liked it after 38 individuals posted their Makes.

  • Where can I buy it?


9. Spiral

On this dice tower inspired by a waterslide, extend your rolls! Your larger rounded dice, like d12s and d20s, get more rolls in the corkscrew spiral, while your more squared-off dice, like d8s and d6, get knocked around a little more. Use it for your upcoming game of Dice Theme Park!

To make sure the slide is smooth enough to move the dice all the way to the bottom without sticking, print this model in PLA with spiral support at 0.2 mm.

  • Who created it?


  • How widely is it printed?

This model has been downloaded by more than 500 people, and the creator has posted numerous of their own prints, which is encouraging for printability!

  • Where is it located?



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