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25 Carbon Tracking App | Top Apps for Keeping Track Of Your Carbon Footprint


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Rapidly rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are harming our ecology and health. According to Statista, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels increased from 316.91 parts per million in 1960 to 416.45 parts per million in 2021. Human activity generates more greenhouse gases than other species. Travel, dining, buying, and using environmental resources all release CO2, which is rising rapidly. With inventive, user-friendly mobile apps, we can live sustainably by measuring our carbon footprint. Mobile apps on Google Play and the App Store can help us calculate carbon emissions. Today’s we will talk about top Carbon Tracking App and Top Apps for Keeping Track Of Your Carbon Footprint.

List of best Carbon Tracking App

  1. Adva
  2. Aerial
  3. Carbon Footprint and CO2 Tracker
  4. Earth Hero
  5. Joro
  6. JouleBug
  7. Klima
  8. MyEarth
  9. Pawprint
  10. Sprocket Green

Details are here for top 10 Carbon Tracking App

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1. Adva

Adva is a great choice for anyone who wants a carbon tracking app and to live in a more healthy way. Adva lowers and offsets their CO2 emissions by making tasks that support their everyday life and hobbies into games. Users of the Adva app can record their habits and get an estimate of their annual carbon footprints. It also helps users keep track of their progress in saving energy, carbon, and water, and it points them in the direction of Gold- and VERRA-certified carbon offsets.

2. Aerial

A carbon-conscious technologist created Aerial. It calculates carbon footprints accurately and simply. Aerial helps businesses, brands, artists, and individuals estimate their carbon footprints. EPA and GHG protocol-compliant, it automatically minimizes carbon emissions. Aerial works with international environmental companies including Charm Industrial, Burnt Mountain Forest, Kootznoowoo, and others to offset carbon emissions. Friends can compete to plant trees to save the environment. 

3. Carbon Footprint and CO2 Tracker app

Carbon Footprint & CO2 Tracker, an easy-to-install CO2 tracker app, shows users their daily food and mobility carbon footprints. Users can live sustainably. This software’s GPS-based algorithm will track users’ travel modes and estimated travel times. With your permission, this program will calculate your CO2 emissions while bicycling, driving, or both. This helps travelers understand their carbon footprint. The program includes weekly climate change, food, and sustainable travel updates. The best CO2 emission monitoring, reduction, and removal software.

4. Earth Hero

Quickly combat climate change with the Earth Hero app. This app is part of a global movement that is intensifying in response to climate change and species extinction. Earth Hero builds a worldwide warming community. Users may measure their carbon footprint and obtain great health and environmental suggestions. Earth Hero offers 100 personalized actions in activism, cuisine, travel, and energy. It helps users set green objectives and share actions.

5. Joro

Joro’s easy-to-use app fights climate change, reduces carbon footprint, manages emissions, and more. Joro’s dataset and algorithm calculate every purchase’s carbon footprint. If a user spends $30 at the gas station, the Carbonizer assesses their footprint based on local gas prices and carbon intensity. Viewing their major carbon drivers and monthly impact helps consumers reduce and offset their carbon footprint. The app seeks economic decarbonization. Learn how emissions effect spending and where they come from.

6. JouleBug

JouleBug encourages sustainability. This program helps users live healthier, more sustainable lives. Users can bike to work or buy with reusable bags. The software aids sustainability and health duties. Challenges inspire users to be more accountable by sharing goals and progress with other teams. JouleBug’s corporate platform lets firms develop a personal social network for environmental sustainability.

7. Klima

Klima, an instant climate and carbon offset app, is ideal for carbon footprint estimation. It offsets all CO2 emissions in three minutes. The Klima app offers nutrition, transportation, and lifestyle changes and alternatives. The Klima website gives personalized guidance. The app has a real-time tracker, carbon footprint reduction, computation, offsetting through climate programs, and other great features.  The app’s low-cost monthly membership supports outstanding climate programs that reduce emissions. Users can fund tree planting, solar energy, or social impact programs.

8. MyEarth

MyEarth users can track their carbon footprints by keeping a diary and ticking off daily activities. The app covers usage, food, recycling, travel, and power. Recycle milk bottles, install high-efficiency toilets, save water, and more.When app users check in, polar bears grip icebergs. Saved carbon units form the iceberg. The diary-like software lets users track their carbon footprint by selecting daily activities. It helps consumers understand and prioritize energy-saving chores.

9. Pawprint

The Pawprint calculates a user’s carbon footprint and offers ways to reduce it. This software promotes eco-consciousness. The app offers advice on how to improve sustainability and the environment. Pawprint can track employee-employer activity in corporate settings. This tool tracks personal and professional actions. Users can track and compete. Pawprint lets users create or join climate change groups.

10. Sprocket Green

Sprocket Green is wonderful software for calculating carbon emissions from devices over time. Users can now calculate and reduce their carbon footprints. The Sprocket Green app encourages responsible technology use to reduce ozone layer damage. Sprocket Green also has an app component dedicated to carbon emissions education. Users can learn about carbon emissions and how to reduce them. The Sprocket Green calculator estimates carbon footprints accurately and consistently. Sprocket Green measures, lowers, and offsets carbon footprints.


Here in this article we describe 25 Carbon Tracking App and Top Apps for Keeping Track Of Your Carbon Footprint. We create data best Carbon Tracking App. If you have any questions, kindly submit them in the section provided below.


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