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25+ Best New App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet


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Here are 25+ creative ideas for Android and iOS apps that you can use to start making them in 2020.  Some of these tips are easy to follow, even for people who have never done it before. You can start by looking at one of the open-source app models. We will discuss about 25+ Best New App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet.

List of 25+ Best New App Ideas

  1. AR for School App
  2. Brand Identifier App
  3. Catering Service App
  4. Identify Celebrities App
  5. Contractor Finder App
  6. Grocery Shopping App
  7. Mood Monitoring App
  8. Note Sharing App
  9. Other Recognition App
  10. Parking Spot Locator App
  11. Presentation App
  12. Social Attachment App
  13. Single Parent Social Network
  14. Virtual Shopping App
  15. App for voice-activated mobile phone location

Details are for top New App Ideas

Top 100 Mobile App Development Companies in USA 2023

1. Grocery Shopping App

The idea is to have a grocery shopping app that makes buying lists based on how much money you have. Items on the shopping list and suggestions for stores are given based on the area, budget, date, and history of purchases. Also, machine learning technologies can be used based on what has been put in recently and what has been bought in the past.

2. Mood Monitoring App

Android and iOS apps let you score your day and find happy patterns.  Record and rate the day’s events. The software analyzes past actions to find trends. It will suggest strategies to improve your mood. Here’s an iOS and Android app for inspiration. A multi-device app maker was created.

3. Single Parent Social Network

A place where single parents can meet and talk about their hobbies, ask for help, share stories, and share ideas. This mobile app will match the parents based on the information they give about themselves, such as how many kids they have, how old they are, where they live, what they like to do, etc.

4. Brand Identifier App

With this brand identifier software, users can find out more about a certain company or item. If you scan the item’s logo or tag with your phone, the app will show you articles, information, and news about the company and the object. In the case of clothing, it will also let people know if an item is real or not.

5. AR for School App

Some school subjects are hard for a lot of kids to understand. This tool makes it easier to show how hard ideas like biology or chemistry work in the classroom. Augmented Reality is used in the program to help students visualize and understand difficult ideas.

6. Presentation App

You can show off your 3D models everywhere with this app.  You can put your 3D models on iOS and Android mobile devices and show them wherever you want to with this app. The idea could work well in a lot of different fields, such as business project talks.

7. Catering Service App

An app for ordering food and scheduling delivery. After ordering, customers will get the pick-up time. This software lets customers skip the line at the restaurant by having their order ready.  Experiment with this idea. The free cross-platform development tool simplifies Android and iOS app template creation. After creating the template, you can customize the app for other restaurants.

8. Identify Celebrities App

Have you tried to remember an actor’s name while watching a movie?  This idea might recognize music like Shazam. A photo of a celebrity can reveal more about them. After processing the photo, the software will provide the best internet information.

9. Other Recognition App

The aforementioned technique can be used to identify not only songs or personalities, but also movies, TV series, perfumes, etc.

10. Virtual Shopping App

Virtual shopping lists for certain stores. It also indicated whether the item was available in the nearest store. If items are out of stock, it would indicate where to pick them up.

11. Contractor Finder App

With this app, users can find contractors in any area. Users can also send in their requests, compare prices, and read reviews of services that have already been done. They can choose their trusted providers based on their availability, ratings, area, and cost.

12. Note Sharing App

Have you missed a class, meeting, lecture, or conference? You’d like to look at the notes from the event, but you can’t find anyone who has them.   The goal of this app is to build a community where people can share and talk on new or old notes about a certain topic. 

13. Parking Spot Locator App

The smartphone app that helps you finds paid and free parking spots near you. The app may use GPS, webcams, location, and real-time parking info to find nearby paid and free parking spots.

14. App for voice-activated mobile phone location

At least once in their lives, everyone has forgotten where they put their phone or which bag it was in.  If you use this software, you might not have to look for your things in every possible place, which could save you time. The voice activation feature of this smartphone app is turned on when you say the code word.

15. Social Attachment App

The smartphone app makes it easier to make friends by helping you find people nearby who share your hobbies. After choosing things you like, like movies, sports, video games, books, and so on, you can swipe to find people in your area. The way to meet people can be like using the Tinder app.


Here in this article, we describe 25+ best New App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet. We create a list top cryptocurrency to invest in. if our readers have any doubts, let us know in the comment section below.


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