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10 Business Consulting Firms in Houston 2023


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Technology moves fast regardless of industry. Construction companies, government agencies, and others want to use technology to expedite procedures, gather data, and improve customer experiences. Advisors can help when new technology is too complex. Professional consultants in practically every field assist firms identify their pain points and suggest technologies to turn them into a competitive advantage. Houston’s consultancy scene reflects its diversity. Trouble increasing oilfield productivity? Houston has consultants. Improve network security? Houston can handle that. The city has advisors for any organizational issue, no matter how unique. Here is the 10 Business Consulting Firms in Houston 2023.

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List of top Business Consulting organization in Houston 2023

  1. Bridgepoint Consulting
  2. CGI
  3. Jacobs
  4. North Highland
  5. Set Solutions
  6. The Lab
  7. Utegration

Details for best Business Consulting companies in Houston 2023

1. Bridgepoint Consulting

Bridgepoint Consulting is a business management firm that supports businesses at every stage of their existence. Bridgepoint provides financial and risk consulting in addition to technological consulting services (among others). The IT department of the business assists clients with everything from cloud migration to software evaluation and cyber security. Also, they are authorized Sales force and NetSuite consultants. Construction, retail, education, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and software are the main areas of focus.

2. CGI

CGI is a full-service consulting company that offers guidance on anything from IT strategy to business process improvement. The multinational company is an expert in all areas of IT, including infrastructure and systems integration services as well as application consultancy. For consulting on digital transformation, analytics, cloud computing, cyber security, and DevOps, CGI is particularly qualified. Banking, communication, government, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, and transportation are the main areas of focus.

3. Jacobs

Global engineering and consulting company Jacobs provides guidance on the development of “smart” construction projects. The Dallas-based company, which also has a Houston branch, assists building contractors in integrating sustainability technology and design into each of their projects to provide more environmentally friendly and productive results. Jacobs serves as a dependable consultant on a variety of projects, including the development of office buildings, manufacturing facilities, college campuses, and even entire regions. Namely, engineering, construction, and transportation are the main areas of focus.

4. North Highland

An international consulting company called North Highland offers services in around a dozen different fields, including as analytics, strategy, technology, agile transformation, and experience design. In order to help businesses advance and keep one step ahead of rivals, the company’s IT experts assist in the creation of hybrid cloud architecture and can even create company-specific apps. Public sector, life sciences, energy, finance, media, transportation, and retail are the main areas of focus.

5. Set Solutions

Set Solutions is a cybersecurity consulting company that collaborates with other leading IT firms globally to provide clients with the resources they need to address their security concerns. The consulting firm collaborates with industry leaders in technology, including Splunk, Palo Alto Networks, and CrowdStrike, to provide guidance on a range of crucial cybersecurity tasks, including vulnerability testing, incident response, and data migration. Set Solutions helps businesses across the US strengthen their cybersecurity framework and defend critical data from hackers. Cybersecurity is the main areas of focus.

6. The Lab

A business management consulting organization called The Lab assists companies in streamlining every aspect of their operations, from data collection to business processes. The Lab has created an extensive library of process automation templates that make it easier for firms to implement cutting-edge methods and procedures without having to experience any disruptions in operations. The Lab has purportedly been able to increase clients’ revenue productivity by up to 30% and reduce their labour costs by up to 30% by putting a strong emphasis on methodology and risk mitigation. Healthcare, human resources, marketing, supply chain, healthcare, retail, transportation, and food are the main areas of interest.

7. Utegration

Utility solutions are implemented and integrated by Utegration in collaboration with clients. The consultants of the company assist its clients in utilizing their utilities, such as electricity and water, in order to increase business efficiency and reduce operating costs. From their Utility4U utility cloud platform to their Finance4U Regulatory Reporting product, which enables businesses to keep up with changing policies, Utegration uses the SAP platform to power everything. Environmental Energy and Utilities are the main areas of focus. Utegration installs utility-tracking solutions with corporate firms across North America to save expenses and enhance environmental impact.


We are tried to collect Top 10 Business Consulting Firms in Houston 2023. We hope this information will help you. In the end, please let me know what you think in the comments.


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